Kristina Malolua Jividan




Welcome to my salon world where it is my mission to see to it that every client has access to a hair person who is kind, helpful, authentic and technically talented.

I am your average working class hairdresser serving the everyday people of the PNW for the past 20 years.  

What is my texture?


I have wavy hair, but as you can see, I am a no fuss kinda gal.  I keep it short and sweet.  My biggest priority is styling time needs to be almost non-existent.


How did I get into working with curly hair?

The short answer: My community has curly hair.


I am the daughter of a Samoan man and a woman from Northern Idaho.  I am a military brat and I grew up in the diverse military community of JBLM and then later Lakewood, WA.

When it came time to go to beauty school back in the early 00’s, I chose the best at that time.


Like every accredited beauty school, we utilized one of two European wet cutting techniques.  The problem was every time I had to bring in a model to perform these cuts, I brought my friends and their hair would change so much if I put water to it and was certainly no representation of what either a blowout or a natural style might look like. 


I was blessed enough to have a very talented instructor who showed me different ways to “break the rules” in cuts, focus on the result and let that result guide the process instead of being restricted to any one kinds of method.  That was the beginning of my journey to try and discover a way to help people whose hair and desires therein, fell outside of the industry box.


I moved to Seattle and started my hair career. I ended up with 3 different roommates, all of whom helped shape my perspective and technique.  The first, a fiery Filipino and Mexican, the next a sophisticated Dominican and the last, a civically minded, bold Black and German woman.  They and their networks gave me an in depth and intimate understanding of the common challenges faced when navigating the hair world as a consumer with curly hair while being brown. 

They taught me what they knew to help me better help them, they shared their experiences with me and then shared them word-of-mouth with their people from all backgrounds and that is how I have traditionally always earned my clients.  I was already doing “natural hair” before it trended and now I have so much more education and products to play with—this is a very exciting time to be doing curlies!



After attending many curly focused trainings, I realized that there is no one way to cut and style any hair.


My Philosophy


Do whatever the hair requires to meet the needs of the person wearing it and there is only one way to do that.  Try and understand the lifestyle of every person who walks through my door.


Culture, Personal aesthetic, time allowed for care, budget, activity level, etc. those all impact what you want and how I go about delivering service.


After 20 years of doing hair I have a toolbox full of tools and I get to pick and choose how and when to use them.  That is my earned level of experience.


Am I an expert on all hair types? No, but can I become an expert on your hair type if you give me a chance to get to know you better.


I am an active participant in the online curly world, both consumer and professional, observing the growth and change of the industry.  I am constantly checking out new education opportunities and seeking masterminds with hairdressers like me who have been in it for a very long time and are just now discovering a common voice.


I truly understand what is has been like for you for all of these years and I am determined to change the industry to advocate for all hair types and the humans to which that hair is attached.