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The Comprehensive Curl Course




4 weeks / Wednesdays 9am-2pm

About the Course

This intensive in-person, hands-on class will cover:
-The Technical aspects and approach to Curly Cuts, Colors, Treatments and Styles.
-Understanding the "Curly hair journey" and the history and socioeconomic factors that have impacted it.
-The Business of attracting and working with curly clients.

Overview of topics and techniques--Including, but not limited to:
Shag/Rezo Cut.
Curl By Curl/ Diva Cut.
Elevation and Angles/ Building volume using head shape and elevation.
Color Placement for Natural to Vivid Techniques
Color formulation for curly hair
Detox and Steam Treatments
Smoothing Treatments
The hybrid client
Curly Hair History
Curly Hairdressing
and so much more!

Each class is molded to fit the participants and will move at the natural pace and flow of the class. If you feel you need any special accommodations to make it either easier or more challenging at any time please let me know.

Your Instructor

Kristina Jividan

Kristina Jividan

Kristina is a master curl artist and has worked with curls for 20 years and she believes it is every hairdressers responsibility to fully understand all hair in its natural state and encourages stylists to remain curious in the exploration of their craft, the characteristics of hair and the personal development necessary to be truly useful to their communities. Her teaching style is real-world, efficient, direct and honest. She prefers an active and visual learning environment. Whether it's curls or any other topic, Kristina has a wealth of useful information for living your best hairdresser life.

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