• Kristina Malolua Jividan


As many of you now know, all salons and personal services have been halted to try and minimize the spread of a virus that we still don't quite understand.

As a business owner I am glad to do my part. I cannot tell you how hard this has weighed on my heart the past few days leading up to the closure. Then, as more and more information was released and protocol being established, I had to look at my personal contribution. I run a business that operates with my being much closer than either the preliminary 3ft and now 6ft rule. I am in an enclosed space and operating with my face sometimes inches from theirs. The chances of me becoming an unknowing, non symptomatic carrier are super high. I rarely get sick so I will be fine, but then I look at my newborn son and ask myself how would I feel if I gave him this virus? Or worse, how would I feel if I infected one of my beautiful and ever so vulnerable older clients and then worse, that illness be the reason for a demise in their health. I wouldn't be able to live with myself. So yesterday, before they called it, my business partner and I hashed out the pros and cons of shutting down shop and we decided it would be unethical to continue to offer our services and to respect the social distancing recommendation.

As a community we have to all do our parts to help this go away as soon as possible. Capitalist America is scrambling and instead of the public waiting for someone to tell you not to do something, we should just not do it because we need to protect our community and work together to aggressively heal our situation.

The salon closure is at least two weeks and who knows how much longer. There are whispers that the date will be in line with opening up the schools again, but we shall see.

Until then, take care and I implore you to really consider what you can do to help this go away sooner than later.

In health and solidarity,