• Kristina Malolua Jividan

Maternity leave and the Holidays Scheduling

Holiday Scheduling

It is November 20th and I'm officially 100% booked through January with only a few spots left before my maternity leave starts on the 11th of January.🤰 Even so, I highly encourage hopeful clients to put themselves on the wait-list. I serve many working women, busy moms and people generally experiencing life and schedules can change fast!🏃‍♀️ Use the Vagaro app and sign up for as many spots as you like. If a spot comes open a notice goes out through email 📧📨and then it's first come, first serve for the spots, so be on the lookout!👀

Also, texting me is a good idea to follow up the wait-list option and lets me know you are on the hunt and I will do my best to accommodate!

If it just doesn't work to find a time before I go out or while I am gone, I have some quality stylists I recommend. For color services in my stead I trust Chelsea and Amy at Virde Salon and also Staci back at Azarra. I am happy to provide your stylist of choice with your formula and any other notes that might be helpful.

Maternity Leave

As far as maternity leave is concerned, baby Calvin is due to arrive 1/17/2020. If everything goes smoothly, I am planning on taking about 4 weeks off. After that, I plan on coming back in a few days at a time for limited hours. Those spots in late February would pop up on the schedule a week before available. I will be updating my social media and this blog when/if those openings become available. Otherwise, I will be back in March and the books are already open for those spots.

Please do not hesitate to text or email me with any questions and I will do my best to get us all through this holiday season and this even crazier season of my life!! lol

Baby Gift Registry

Some of my clients have expressed and interest in my amazon baby registry. Here are the details for the gift inspired:

Bunches of love and appreciation,