This menu will help you pick out the perfect haircut service for you.  Each service is created to provide the proper amount of time to address all of your haircare needs.  As those needs have a tendency to change different services can be elected, but as a rule first time clients will need at least and hour or more. 


More Questions?  More info found on the FAQ page. 

The Left Coast Curly Cut $80

70 minutes

The Left Coast Curly Cut works with your hair’s natural texture and motion in order to create beautifully fluid shapes that enhance your life.  

Haircut includes wash, curly style, dry and refinement, product education and care instructions for your hair.

The Left Coast Extra Thick or Long Haircut $85

75 minutes

The Left Coast Extra haircut shapes and removes bulk from thick, heavy hair.

Is your hair extra? You know who you are. Worn curly, wavy or straight, medium to long lengths, ponytail circumferences over an inch (about the size of a half dollar coin).

Haircut includes wash and style. Iron curls or extra flat iron is an additional $15. Please request in notes.

The Left Coast Classic Cut $70

60 minutes

The Left Coast Classic Cut brings new life, shape & rejuvenation to grown out floppy mops.  For those who wear their hair predominantly straight to wavy.

This cut is good for:


Haircut includes wash and style (blowout or diffused),  product information and styling instructions.

The Dry Cut $45

30 Minutes

The Left Coast Classic Cut minus wash, style and education.  Men's haircuts, short haircuts and tiny trims usually fall into this category.  Can work with established curly  or long hair clients by permission only.   


Left Coast Kids Cuts $30-$45

30 Minutes

For well-behaved 5 yr- 10 yr olds

Pint sized People need pint sized cuts. This is a dry cut on easy to manage hair. Please have hair clean, detangled and ready to comb through.  Price is determined by complexity of cut and can be discussed prior to service. If your child has super curly/ high texture/ extra thick or long hair please book the classic, extra or curly cut accordingly.  


Still have questions? Check out the FAQ or text me a photo of your hair and I can help you select the appropriate services.  


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