Left Coast

Advanced Training Salon

est. 2021

Welcome to the home of the The Salon Residency Experience.

Hairdressers today are being called upon to be and do much more than just hair and beauty services in a very intentional way.  They are called to be advocates, leaders, mentors, social guideposts, friends and counselors.  They are asked to run socially responsible businesses that meet the requests of the communities they serve.  They are also needed to be networkers of positive, helpful communication facilitating connection throughout communities and only then are they required to execute technically excellent work to the new social media standards in a timely manner with consistency at a price that works for everyone.  This is why hairdressers are truly essential.  It is a very tasking job and it takes a vulnerable, humble and self-aware person who is tenacious and brave enough to embark on the journey and rise to the challenge.  It takes a Wholehearted Hairdresser.  If that doesn’t sound like too much, this kind of education program might be for you.


Left Coast Advanced Training Salon (LCATS) is a thoughtfully designed modern education space dedicated to help cosmetologists transform themselves by providing continuing education, coaching, support and leadership in the areas of personal, professional and technical development in the beauty industry.


From the new graduate to the seasoned stylist, these classes are designed to meet the learners where they are and challenge them to elevate performance, broaden perspective and strengthen the resolve to become a hairdresser who provides research-based, life-changing personal beauty and wellness coaching experiences while having as much fun as possible.

Together let's raise the bar not only for client experience, but for stylist experience as well. 

Explore the links below for more info about the paid residency program and monthly local, in-person education classes.

The Salon Residency

A full-time comprehensive paid residency program to prepare individuals to take their next best step in the beauty industry no matter the direction.