Q: What service(s) should I book?


  • Don’t know the magical combination of services to get you to hair Nirvana?  No problem. That’s my job to figure out. Book the service you think most closely sounds like what you would like and then fill in the “Notes” section with an explanation and further detail.  I can modify it from there and contact you if needed. With more questions.

Q:  What happens after I book an appt?

  • You will receive a confirmation for your appt either via text or email.  If you do not receive a notification your appt it did not go through and there is nothing booked.  Please make sure you get notification so you don't show up on a day when you don't have an appt!

Q:  What is the average wait time for an appt? 

  • 2 weeks if you are pretty flexible and you aren't trying to book a large service.  Large services over 2 hours and evenings and weekends can be about a month out.


Q:  Is there a waitlist?​

  • Yes, Vagaro, the online booking system features a waitlist option.  

  • Log into the app and select your preferred service.  Then select 'add to waitlist'.  The system will immediately notify you when an oping comes up.  Choose as many days and times as you like.


Q:  What is the cancellation policy?​

  • I totally understand that stuff comes up.  Please try and give at least 24 hours notice. 

  • Cancellations within the 24 hour window- cancel your appt using the app and then please take the time to send me an email, text or leave a voicemail.  This gives me a better opportunity to try and fill the spot.  A fee will be charged to the card holding the appt of 25% of the service total. 

  • Repeat offenders will have to either pay in advance or seek services elsewhere. 

Q: I have a question about a service for myself or a friend, what is the best way to handle my inquiry?  

  • A free in person consultation is for sure the best way to get acquainted, answer all of your questions,and start the process of creating a plan for your hair.  

  • If you can’t make it in for a consultation or if you would like a quote for a service you can email me at  leftcoastsalon@gmail.com text me at 206-659-3136 and include an inspiration pic and a picture of your hair now clean and down in good lighting.  Give a brief explanation of your 3 year chemical/color hair history and any other details you might want to add. I will do my very best to get back to you in a timely fashion.

Q: How should I prep my hair for my appt?

  • Come with your hair completely down and dry in its natural state.

  • Manageable product (not too tangly or caked in it) is fine.

  • Clarify and detangle your hair within the previous week.

  • Hair can have some products but nothing too oily or greasy or very hard gel.

  • One to Two day hair is ok, please don't come in with 3-7 day hair.

  • Ideally, no pony tails, no wet hair, no pulled back hair and no hat hair.

  • For haircolor services- Gone are the days of harsh chemicals in the salon, haircolor these days performs best on clean hair.  If the hair is too dirty we may have to pre-cleanse and that is an additional $15.​

  • Be prepared for a potential before and after picture, if you’re comfortable with that!  


Q:  What time should I show up?

  • On time.  I will most likely not be ready for you early and if I am ready very early I will text you and offer for you to come in early.  

  • I try to run on time, but the hair takes the time it takes and as every service with every client is a little different, it can make timing tricky.  If I am running more than 15 minutes behind I will try and take a moment to text you and let you know.  


Is there parking?

  • Yes, there is a very large commercial parking lot.