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Building Careers, Creating Community

The Salon Residency Program™ turns 1 year old in April and we want our community to celebrate with us!

The SRP is a success and I have borne witness to the amazing personal, professional and technical development possible with a wholehearted approach to individual coaching within the context of a generic advanced training salon program...huh, who knew?

Who knew the community was desperately in need of hairdressers committed to providing authentic, helpful, safe and fun salon experiences?

I didn't know,but I had my suspicions. Turns out they like us!:) Not even just 'like' us, love us!! Check out all the 5 star reviews, I can't even with all of the love people are expressing. Trust me, building an empire is no small feat, but hearing all of your praise for my people lets me know we are moving in the right direction.

It's all about helping people help people. What resources do we have that might help others? That is what we must know. We must know the inventory we are all working with if we are truly desiring to create sustainable change. Think about it.

Myself and the amazing Salon Residents invite you to join us for a Community Mixer. We are putting together an evening of sharing stories and reasons for caring deeply about improving community through collaborative efforts. We, at LCATS, represent the personal services trades and we believe strongly in our ability to affect change through ethical, value-based business practices and personal interactions. We would love to hear your ideas and discover more about how you think our industry can contribute solutions as well as connect with those who seek to stand alongside us in the fight for a better future for ALL.

It’s time for new conversations that demand improved results.

Dress Theme(because, why not?): Black + Gold Professional, Slightly Dressy or Semi formal Attire Suggested, because the photos look better when we dress up;)

Small Bites + Beverages provided.

Doors open at 6pm and there will be a 30 minute presentation at 7:30pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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