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Goodbye 2020, Here's to Whatever in 2021 and New Zoom Zumba Classes!

I am at a complete loss to describe what has been a roller coaster year for me. Even if it were a non-covid year I would have still had a baby, tested my dedication to my professional dreams with a new partnership and building acquisition, supported my husband while he went through another fire academy, held my teenagers hands (albeit begrudgingly) through their ongoing transition into adolescence and all the while keeping my current salon not only open, but thriving...I didn’t even know I could do it and then we throw in Covid, virtual learning, social distancing, a social justice movement in full swing and a ridiculously dramatic presidential election and I’d say we had ourselves a year! I am ready for the energy of quite cal that usually accompanies the next few months.

I don’t care in what state anyone wakes up on January 1st, 2021, but if you do wake up you most certainly deserve a t-shirt and participation trophy. I would certainly hesitate to say that 2021 will ‘be my year’ or some such nonsense, but hey...maybe it will be and thus the birth of my New Year’s Phrase: Here’s to whatever in 2021!

Zero expectations and hey, it could always get worse;)

With that in mind I dare to plan for stuff in 2021 because at this point I have really affirmed my ability to manage my disappointment about stuff not always going to plan. So here’s what’s up...until it might not be, lol.

The Building:

The framing is done and we move onto the plumbing. February may be looking good for moving in, but who knows?

Menu Changes:

You may have noticed that services and prices have changed. I have spent a lot of time this year on education and it has impacted how I serve you. I have way more updated info on hair science and product information which has changed some services drastically. In order to make sure everyone has better success booking their services I broke them into the categories most fall into. Here’s the deal, all services are $1.50/minute. It all depends on time. If you over or underbook time I will just adjust it at the time of service and then we will discuss what is your best fit for subsequent services. It is no big deal if you book “wrong” and I am super flexible. There is always a bit of a learning curve when a new menu comes out, so just pick your best choice, leave a note if you want to explain or ask a question and if I have a question or think it’s appropriate we can schedule a virtual consultation.

For my established clients, I am excited to share all of the new information and services I have to offer you, just pick the service with a timeframe closest to what you are used to getting and we can reassess when you come in. It is my intention to elevate your service and outcomes and expectations and I do hope the new menu will not scare you away!

New Zoom Zumba Plus Toning Classes:

Some of you know that I used to teach a dance fitness plus toning class at the YMCA and since it seems like forever until we will be back in person I have launched online classes. Come and dance with me! Shake it off, loosen up and get stronger in this all-in-one class set to world rhythms sure to get you moving. Classes are $5 and you book through Vagaro the same way you normally book services, just pick from the "Classes"tab. Classes are every weekend, either Saturday or Sunday at 10am mostly. You can book your spot ahead of time and Vagaro will send you a link to class. Here is the link to the Facebook Group page where you can join and be part of my dance fitness community. Hope to see you there!

I hope you take a moment these final days to contemplate all of your victories (no matter how small) you had this year and give yourself credit for making it through a year we will truly never forget. We can do hard things and hard things are made easier when we work together. So again, with all that you know today of life, here is to whatever life brings us in 2021! Cheers!



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