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Reopening Left Coast Salon

Updated: May 12, 2020

A Post COVID 19 World

Hello Everyone!

It looks like we can tentatively plan on the salons and barbershops to be opening up here in the next few weeks as long as there isn't another spike in coronavirus case numbers. While it is very exciting to be able to run my business again, things will be very different. Below is a list of new policies put in place by the state and Sola Corporations (my landlord). I am required to adhere to these guidelines or risk losing my space and license to practice.

Here is the low down.

Everyone must wear a mask to enter the building. Those getting colors should use disposable masks that go behind the ears to prevent ruining/staining reusable ones.

The front doors will be locked and you will have to be let in by yours truly, so staying in your car till I am ready and have sent you a text is probably best.

I will have to use a touchless thermometer to check your temp before you come in.

There will be no seating in the hallways to maintain social distancing.

There can only be 1 client and 1 stylist in a studio at any given time.

No guests will be allowed to accompany you, guests must remain in the car.

If client is a minor than 1 adult may accompany them.

Newly required sanitation practices will add an additional 10-15 minutes in between clients to completely disinfect room, tools, apron etc. 

I am working very hard at trying to come up with ways to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Till next time, take very good care of yourself!


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