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Summer leads way to Back to School Season

Summer Updates:


*August means Back to School season is upon us!

*Let us help you get ready to send the kiddos or yourself back to school in style and support you with wash day routines, styling tips and tricks.

$50 gets you an amazing haircut, wash + style, washday routine education and instructions and photo finish!

Valid for Ages:5-18, 18 plus (with valid school ID) and for Bookings through 9/10/2022

You can and book your very own "Back to School Special" with the Salon Residents on the Vagaro App so get online and book away for your best yearbook (are we still doing these? Lol) yet!


*Kristina’s books are now closed to online booking except for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Those are the only days new guests will be able to book. All other booking requests for other days and times must be done through Kristina @ . It will be helpful to pre-book your next few appts out with her if you haven’t already.

*The Residents are open for services and are doing great! Don’t let the longer service times detour you, their attention to detail is worth it and you spending time in their chairs will most certainly help them improve timing as they learn and grow. Come see them for your cut and color services and experience a new kind of educational hair experience.

*Salon Memberships and Wash Day Packages are up for sale through the Vagaro App. No contracts, just amazing hair–like all the time! Never do your own hair again, let us do it for you!

Emotional overview and project summary thus far:

In July it will have been one year since I got the keys to the 6th ave location, 5 years since I fully understood the problems our industry and community was facing in the hair world, 11 years since I became an independent contractor in the beauty biz and 20 years since I started doing hair…phew.


I hired my first residents in April and my second set in June and things are moving right along. We focused first on creating a strong bond and culture around psychological safety and then moved right into the world of texture and styling training.

Next we have been learning a very thorough and mathematical method to cutting hair that leaves us with technically perfect haircuts on any texture. It is so impressive to see how fast they can learn the crucial work that our community needs when I have taken the time to filter through and just feed them the good and useful bits.

How much do I love my residents? I cannot count the ways. They bring me such an incredible sense of validation and purpose. The energy that I have to pour out into the world is worth something to someone…that’s beautiful and such a gift.

I believe that I have created a safe learning environment that allows people to show up authentically and with their hands open to receive. I believe that I have set the standard very high and that they understand them to a “T” . They execute tasks with a willingness to hear my opinion about their choices and outcomes. It’s feedback on steroids. There is no room for ego here as we are all about serving clients to the best of our abilities and that requires having to hear when something didn’t land the way that we wanted. The Residents are earning the thick skin and brutal self-awareness necessary to really be able to thrive in this people pleasing industry.

“Go for it, give it a shot”, I tell them. “You’ll get it”…and so on. They will one day be fantastic behind the chair and produce high quality consistent work in half of the time. They will eventually learn how to bring greater value to their relationships by embracing and being authentic and letting the whole self be seen. In doing so, they have the power to create their own safe space behind the chair to share themselves with the world in a way that provides the opportunity to inspire real conversations and real growth for both themselves and their guests.

My next step it is to recruit stylists with 10 years or more in the industry who are interested in learning about the culture and practice of the Wholehearted Hairdresser and who would also be willing to mentor the residents and share their perspective and wisdom with the new generation of stylists serving a new generation of clients. It’s going to take us all to spread the love far.

I’m still pretty sure the answer is in the core structure of how we recruit, train and sustain the

local beauty industries and that is why the creation of long-term and sustainable structures in the beauty industry is the highest purpose of my work.

I will help those who want and need my assistance to identify and hone their unique super powers and provide opportunities for connection, growth and belonging.

It’s almost time to build the non-profit!!! The Hair Professional Society will change this industry for the better and I couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with my fellow hair people!

Thank you again everyone for your continued support and encouragement!! It has been an amazing experience and I cannot wait to see where it goes next!

Hope everyone gets to enjoy the remaining Summer days and we’ll see you soon!

Much Love,


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