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The Dream Becomes Reality

It’s all coming together!!! Ahhhh! I cannot believe this...after all of these years of dreaming I have finally made it to the “brick and mortar” phase of the plan. I have never been professionally responsible for the fiscal wellbeing of others, so that part is extremely terrifying, but that fear drives me straight into my studies on finance. I must understand the numbers otherwise the business may very well implode on itself even with the best intentions. No pressure, lol.

The renovation is coming along slowly and surely. One transformative alteration at a time and it’s crazy that the plan in my head is actually taking shape. I have never experienced this type of satisfaction before and it’s exhilarating. I keep trying to imagine taking clients there and I have certainly picked up and moved my business over a weekend, but this is different. This makes me want to really slow down, take my time and get it right. I think it also changes the presentation because I am not doing this for me, I am doing this for future hairdressers and their guests to experience an intentional journey through the land of salon relationships. And that’s why I am also going to have to do a grand opening as well, with all the buzz and media stuff. Some of you may recall that when I first launched the Left Coast Salon brand on Broadway at the photography studio and the super fun Halloween Grand Opening party we had there. I am thinking of doing another Halloween Grand Opening event, but this time on 6th. I bet that could be a lot of fun!! More details to follow later.

As far as what's actually going to be going on at the new space?

May I Introduce to you, Left Coast Advanced Training Salon (ATS)--

Where new hairdressers go to master the art, math and science of hair while becoming a wholehearted and authentic beauty and lifestyle coach. (aka provide better than YouTube hair experiences)

If it sounds like a tall order, it’s because it is. I cannot wait to be able to approach the beauty schools and tell them what I have in store for them. This will be a fun venue maximised for fun educational experiences, yay!

As far as my own practice and my own guests are concerned, I will have my own private studio within the new space and I will continue to provide the same customized and personal services you have come to expect from our time together. I am sure things will be different and change over time as the program develops and my role within the company changes, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I did make a promise to some of you that I would not retire from doing hair until I had hand picked my replacements for each of you and this is my plan to make good on that--this is my retirement plan.

That may be the nicest part about this phase of my career. Focusing on building this educational program meant to give back to an industry that sustained my wonky life journey for so many years has breathed new life into my professional space. I know what I’m doing for the rest of my life and that feels so peaceful. Again, hairdressing moves with me along my really is as flexible a career as they say:)

Anyway, I am going to go back to shopping for doors for the new space now and I will keep you updated as the move date ever draws nigh.

Thank you again and again for riding along with me!


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