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The Industry Fix

To revolutionize any industry, including beauty and wellness where I live, it’s crucial to examine the workforce’s entire journey—from introduction to becoming a philanthropist who enriches the industry. If the career path isn’t clear, it negatively affects the workforce, businesses, and the communities they serve. Identifying gaps allows us to strategically implement temporary solutions based on feedback, holding space until these solutions prove to be effective and become best practices. Sharing these practices broadly, at little to no cost, aims to collectively elevate industry standards for both the workforce and consumers. In a local business and social enterprise ecosystem, businesses thrive by addressing community needs and fostering workforce development, ensuring excellence in service delivery.

I opened Left Coast Salon in 2017 and has been pilot program after pilot program in my attempts to create new approaches in order prove that it can be done sustainably. We are almost ready to launch our fullest version of the pipeline from yet as we add in the cosmetology school and my non-profit creates better vetting at the introduction level.

We won’t be able to do this work on our own. If you see this graphic, and it makes sense to you, you might be able to help.

We will have to rewrite the cosmetology school curriculums, and the vetting systems that control quality and suitability.

We are looking for anyone interested to have a conversation about how we can collaborate or anybody who can poke holes in our theory. Better to pull up the banana tree when it’s 3 inches high.

Figuring out sustainable ways to fill these gaps has been my life’s work since 2011 after my 10 year career moved to independent contracting and I could more clearly see the “problem”. At least I know what I’m gonna spend the rest of my life working on and that part is comforting.

What are your thoughts? Where do you fit in the timeline?

How can you or your organization help the succession of our workforce without charging them more for information they were due in beauty school or before or shortly after?

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