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The Launch

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

It's time to celebrate the launch the next phase of the project! Bring on the new stylists and let's start making a dent in the Universe! Save the date and start putting together your Instagram Ready outfit! Eventbrite Tickets here!

New Stylists need a ton of exposure to all hair types on all kinds of clients with all kinds diverse hair /life profiles in varying complexities to help grow quickly into the kind of hairstylist you deserve--A Wholehearted Hairdresser who understands that there is so much more to interactions with clients than just good hair. I am ready to help them learn and grow and I hope you will consider showing your support and see them for your styling needs. Together we can make the salon a much better place for future generations to come.

Here's the easiest way to help support change in the beauty space and simultaneously bring back Beauty Lifestyles where we do your hair for you ALL THE TIME! That's right, it's been far too long since clients regularly set and styled in salons as a culture and I for one am excited about no more wash days!! Imagine a world where you never had to do your hair yourself again and there was a whole team of people ready to give you access to every resource service your mane needs to stay in the best health and looking exceptional. Be prepared to be the one who "always looks so put together"!

Facebook Invite Here!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions and I cannot wait to celebrate this new chapter with you all!!

Cheers to all of the new things!!


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