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The Metamorphosis

Spring is here and the the transformation from salon to advanced training salon is nigh.

Left Coast Salon is well on its way toward becoming Left Coast Advanced Training Salon (LCATS, for short)!

It is time for my business to begin to pivot it’s focus from purely being about our relationship as client and stylist to including a new wave of hairstylists looking to learn from me about healthy, sustainable career opportunities in the beauty industry that in turn will open to you, the client community, a more diverse offering of highly qualified, self-aware and humble technicians who understand the real meaning of being a wholehearted hair professional. A few more options other than cheap, bad/ok and easily accessible or expensive, good and hard to get into might be nice? ;)

You already know we’re about to change the game forever! Now for logistics.

What does that look like for existing clients?

Not too different at first. Keeping with the Left Coast Salon (the OG business model) No teaching will be done on my client days in order to protect the service value I take pride in creating for each of you individually. Teaching days with Salon Residents will be on Monday and Wednesday, FTM and eventually include Friday. Once they are trained enough to run a service proficiently without my constant monitoring, they will be given the opportunity to work alongside me as they continue to learn, grow and gain a better sense of themselves as a Hair Professional and prepare to move on. My plan for myself is to eventually scale down to 2 days behind the chair and spend more time training my eventual replacements.

Will there be a new menu or booking practice?

Yes and no, we will continue to use Vagaro to book appts and you will begin to see the names of the salon residents pop up on the menu as they start accepting clients.

What kind of services will the students be offering?

There will be options for clients' experience.

The Model Experience: This is a fun opportunity to be part of the learning process. Models will sit through a lesson that I lead as we move through your hair services. All models will also receive make-up applications and some fun photos.

The Membership Program: Become a member and have access to discounted service packages that will give access to unlimited services like, shampoo/ styles, root touch-up and toners, conditioning treatments, cuts and pretty much all of the basic everyday services provided at most salons. More details will soon be available on the website.

The Salon Resident Client Match Maker: Looking to invest in the life and career of a local hair professional and have a chance of creating a long lasting relationship that will leave you fully satisfied after every visit? Start to request your favorite stylist and follow them up the ranks and off to their local permanent first career salon placement and be part of their diverse clientele who’s shared experiences will help them better understand how to best be of service to their community.

I cannot believe we are finally here and it is all finally coming together in front of my eyes. I welcome your feedback, admonishments, cautionary tales and perspectives. Years of listening to one traumatic salon experience after another is one of the main reasons I am starting the Salon Residency program. We must train them to use their powers for the good, but first I must show them their power…most don’t even know.

In support of all of these efforts, I will be launching a non-profit called The Hair Professional Society–more on that in another post.

I hope the Spring blossoms bring you joy and minimal allergic reactions!

Take care and hopefully I’ll see you soon!

Much love,


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