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Welcome to The Ave!

Welcome to the Ave my hair friends!

This moment means so much to me and I am so very blessed by your participation on this journey. It is not lost on me how far each of you will go in the pursuit of a phenomenal hair experience and I am down for the challenge that relationship brings. I will always dedicate myself to the type of personal work necessary to be able to be someone you can trust in the beauty and self-care space.

With that I bring you...

Left Coast Advanced Training Salon-Phase 1

I am taking clients now in the new space on 6th Ave. It is just me for now since the construction isn’t quite done and it is not ready yet to be an institution of higher learning. Over the next few months I will be finishing the construction and design work and also creating the curriculum for both students and mentors who want to participate in the program. Very exciting!

I am aiming for a Grand Opening in December and am looking forward to hosting a rockin’ Christmas party, so be on the lookout for the invite.

I hope everyone is enjoying the waning PNW Summer as we all literally start to gear up for the colder months ahead. Keep your head up people I know it's tough out there, but together we will persevere!

With so much love,


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