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Career Pathways

Careers with Left Coast Salon


At Left Coast Salon, we are proud to offer an innovative pathway for aspiring hairdressers to thrive in their careers through the Left Coast version of the Wholehearted Salon Residency System. Our program is designed to cultivate Wholehearted Hairdressers who embody our values of excellence, inclusivity, and community service. Here's how our unique career journey unfolds:


 The Journey Begins: Externship for Beauty School Students


- Duration: While in beauty school

- Commitment: 20 hours per week (unpaid, as this phase is part of your educational experience)

- Objective: Introduce students to the salon environment, allowing them to observe and learn the basics of our approach and philosophy in real-time.


 Step Up: Assistant Salon Residency


- Duration: 40 hours

- Commitment: 16 hours per week

- Compensation: $18/hour

- Objective: Graduates transition into a more hands-on role, assisting in various salon duties and beginning to apply their skills under guidance.


 The Core: Salon Residency Program

-Duration- 1 to 2 years

- Levels: 4, starting as a Level 1 with intense technical training

- Compensation: $19/hour with the opportunity for commission bonuses

- Perks: Unlimited time off, flexible scheduling, PTO and Holiday Pay

- Objective: Deepen technical skills, client service, and become fully versed in the Wholehearted approach to hairdressing.


 Beyond Training: A Future with Left Coast Salon


Upon completing the residency program, hairdressers are not only equipped to deliver exceptional service but are also imbued with the values that make Left Coast Salon unique. Graduates are encouraged to:


- Stay with Us: Continue working with us, championing our cause, and delivering Wholehearted services.

- Leadership Opportunities: Eligible for becoming a partner and owner in the business, contributing to the salon’s growth and direction.

- Cross-Training: All employees at Left Coast Salon will receive cross-training to support our vision and coaching efforts. This prepares them to assist in elevating training standards in other salons, spreading the Wholehearted philosophy far and wide.


Joining Our Team


We are looking for passionate individuals who aspire to make a difference in the beauty industry. If you're committed to personal and professional growth, eager to contribute to a community-centric salon, and open to eventually aiding other salons elevate their training efforts, Left Coast Salon might be the perfect place for you.


A Career That Grows with You


At Left Coast Salon, we believe in nurturing talent and providing a supportive environment where you can grow, not just as a professional but as a leader and innovator in the beauty industry. If you're ready to start your journey with us and become a Wholehearted Hairdresser, we'd love to hear from you.


For more information on how to apply and take the first step towards a rewarding career with Left Coast Salon, please contact us directly at Together, let's redefine beauty standards and foster a community of care, skill, and heart.

*You may include your resume, letter of intent, social media professional profile names, comso license status and state of issuance, and potential start date timeframe and availability getting started.*

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