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Kristina Malolua Jividan

17 Years Experience

PNW Native

YMCA Zumba Instructor

Mother of 2, soon to be 3!

Favorite Quote:

What we hope ever to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence.”

Samuel Johnson

Owner and Stylist

My Mission:  

It is my purpose to help people along their journey to personal hair satisfaction while creating enjoyable and meaningful relationships with members of my community.



The very best hair is created when technique meets teamwork.  

An in depth consultation provides a general understanding of your hair’s texture, density, and health.  We will then add into the mix your lifestyle, budget, current styling skills and desired looks to paint a better picture of what is realistic.  Pictures or Pintrest boards are always helpful to clarify descriptions.  You can trust me to be honest with opinions and as informative about the process as you’d like.

Feedback is helpful--Don’t be shy! Did you love it or did you spend the last 6 weeks hating me?  Let me learn from that!  The more I know the better I can work with you and your hair.  A client-stylist relationship takes time to create and effort to maintain.  After doing hair this long my first guess is pretty spot on and if it isn’t, I feel confident I can improve our results if given the opportunity.  You can trust me to be there for you and your hair needs.

Haircuts for Everyone:

I absolutely love cutting hair!  Being from the PNW, I am intimately familiar with a wide variety of textures and lengths and the weather system that affects it.  With that said, I love short, sassy styles cut with a razor and clean asymmetrical or inverted bobs.  I love the way a head of long thick hair looks after it’s been given the Victoria’s Secret layers and subsequent blowout.

I work with the natural fall of the hair and analyze hairlines and headshapes to discover the best way to let your hair live happily where it wants to.  After anazlying those components we add in the natural texture and density of the hair and sculpt it, piece by piece into a flattering hairstyle that lasts well beyond your next scheduled appointment.  

I cut hair dry most of the time as it is easier to see where the hair wants to go and how it behaves once styled.  Full haircuts are then shampooed and styled.  Styling lessons are complementary.


Haircuts for Curly and Heavily textured Hair:  

I am very comfortable and skilled with curly and textured hair. That means wavy and curly hair, African, Polynesian, Asian, Latino, Jewish etc and all combinations of ‘mixed-girl hair’.  I shape the hair curl by curl into a flattering silhouette for your face shape.   I dry cut the hair to make sure we are respecting the curls natural fall and bounce.  I use a combination of techniques honed over years of working with curly hair from around the globe.  From curly girl to deva curl, I am well versed in the modern verbiage and what works and what doesn't work for curly hair.  I understand how important the products and the ingredients are and I know for a fact that no two heads of hair are the same and I am more than happy to work with you on your path to curl perfection.  


Chemical Texturizing Services

From curly to straight and back again.  I  specialize in chemical retexturizing services like Japanese Straightening, Keratin Smoothing Treatments, Relaxers, Perms and am continuously researching new products.



I am trained in all of the newest trends including balayage, ombre, sombre,  balayombre, and anything in between.  I have a ton of experience working with hair that is naturally very dark.  Always wanted to go blonde and not orange?  I can help with that.  If you want it and your hair is capable of getting there, I am willing.  The integrity of the hair is my greatest concern.  Beautiful haircolor is best on healthy hair!

Styling and Weddings: I enjoy styling and updos.  I do weddings upon request and am available for on location events.