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Never do your own hair again...
or anyone else's, for that matter!

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Multitextured Haircare
For ALL.


Welcome to a new kind of salon experience featuring

The Wholehearted Hairdressers.


We believe salons should be safe, inclusive and educational self-care havens.

We believe you deserve to learn best practices for your unique hair situation.

And we believe it is our duty as Hairdressers to be your guide on the path to better hair days.

This is our mission.

Welcome to the journey.


Discover Unlimited Wash Days at
Left Coast Salon


Never do your own hair again!

Wash Day



This membership will have your hair always looking so fresh and so clean!  Let us pamper you and style your hair into looks that last for days!  Appt times are 30-90 minutes.  Just think, once a week blowouts or 'wash and go' styles, 4 times a month is less than $30/ style!  Say goodbye to bad hair days.



*Click here for terms and conditions then click the "Membership tab".

Signature Services



The Signature Services includes all  Wash Day services with additional time for dense and long hair.  Treatments like restorative scalp and hair hydration therapy, single process colors, toners with appointment durations up to 120 minutes per service/per week.  This package will give your absolute best hair health and a wealth of information on what really works best for you and then we do your hair for you!


Plus, this Is shareable with up to 2 people.*

*Click here for terms and conditions then click the "Membership tab".

All services are performed by stylists participating in an Advanced Training Residency Program and are overseen by yours truly. The program is geared to teach customized approaches to working with all kinds of hair attached to all kinds of people.  This is an amazing opportunity to be part of the movement to forever change the beauty industry for the better so that everyone may experience the way it feels to have a hair stylist just 'get it' and relieve all of their worry as their beauty advocate creates a look and experience that leaves them feeling filled up and beautiful.

*Please note that these memberships are BASED ON TIME. If you have a lot of very dense hair, you may want to consider the Signature Service Membership in order to ensure a luxurious amount of time for your experience.

Separate product charges do apply for some services.

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To book your complimentary, 1 time Wash Day Service navigate to the Vagaro Booking page here and select from one of the "Wash Day + Style" Appts up to 90 Minutes.  In the client notes add the words "first wash free".  Please follow up with an email to scheduling@leftcoastsalon and include any questions, comments, or photos of your hair that might be helpful to your creating your best first appt here.  Also, check out the FAQ page for all the details.