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Left Coast

Advanced Training Salon

est. 2021

The Salon Residency Experience

Welcome to the first of it's kind Salon Residency Experience.  A post-graduate, paid advanced training program that prepares hairdressers for the launch from Cosmetology Student to Beauty Professional and Beyond.


80% of new hairdressers will quit the beauty industry within 2 years of graduation. 


Most will cite the barriers to getting established were mostly due to a lack of support, poor work conditions, low wages and little to no benefits. With over 60% of the industry operating as independent contractors it makes it harder to find apprenticeships, mentors and cultures that meet the needs of many.  No doubt, the development of a person into a hairdresser is a full lifestyle change and like all sustainable change it comes with time, considerable effort, and some grit.

How not to be a statistic:

Hairdressers who work diligently on themselves and their careers will learn the value of balancing the Hairdresser’s Trifecta of Personal, Business and Technical Development and see how that prioritized focus produces the career of their dreams.  The Salon Residency Experience at Left Coast Advanced Training Salon is the support and education hairdressers need to propel their careers along the best trajectory for them.  It is a thoughtful solution for smoother transitions from student to professional and beyond--providing guidance, mentorship and a willingness to walk alongside stylists as they discover who they are and who they want to be in the beauty space with no strings attached.  That's right, no non-competes.  When stylists are done and ready to launch we send them off, maybe sometimes in groups and with a great pride and celebration. We think hairdressers need more time to grow before they can best pick a home salon.

The LCATS Salon Residency Program is designed to help cosmetologists at any stage of their career fully develop the character traits that will serve them throughout the duration of their career and for the rest of their lives.  It is a deep dive into the core functions and systems of the Professional Hairdressers' personal, technical and business worlds for the purpose of building the infrastructure for a healthy work-life balance and a relentless pursuit of service excellence.

No matter where they go after this experience they will be better prepared for their next best move and we'll always be here for more support, education, community and fun.  




Now accepting applications for the next Assistant salon residents

Next 6 week class Asst Program in October 2023

Paid, Part-time Residency. Average of 24 Hours

 to start. $17/hour

Self Care Benefits

Flexible Schedule.

How to Apply

Send a letter of interest to:


Please include your public social handles.  Thank you!

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