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New Appt times, Menu and Biz updates

Business Updates and Winter Bookings


New Appointment Times

December, January and February books are now fully open. My husband, as some of you know, is starting a new career as a firefighter and because someone has to watch our sweet baby, my schedule will offset his. That means my schedule varies week to week, but almost always 4 days a week and no more Sundays in the new year.

Please double check your appts through the Vagaro app to make confirm your appt date and time. I had to move some to accommodate the new schedule. Alternative times can be requested, but I make no promises.

New Service Menu

You may have noticed the new service classification, specifically the haircuts. This was done in an attempt to better serve each client. Since I serve such a diverse clientele I really needed to make sure I have enough time to fully do the all the 'magic' necessary for each of you and breaking it down this way and having each of you self-select is a great way to really give each of you the best experience possible. Just pick the service you think most closely matches you and no worries if you get it wrong. I will adjust for it when I see you and we can go from there.

*When booking color/chemical services and combining them with cut services, always book the "dry cut only" option since the styling is already included in the bigger service.

We're Almost Home!

I often feel like Downtown Seattle or perhaps Federal Way--Always under construction, always changing, always growing. I don't mind the inconvenience because I know where I am going. I have worked many years to get to this point and I am proud to say that Left Coast Salon (& Spa) is almost home. While I have certainly enjoyed the Tacoma Salon Sampler, I am very ready to settle into the building we have purchased in beautiful Ruston. There I will take all of the lessons I have gleaned these past 20 years and put them to use creating a new kind of salon experience for technician and client.

But there is still much work to do. We only closed a few weeks ago and we are awaiting the permits to come through the City of Ruston, which historically takes a while. If you’re the praying sort, send up some for a relatively expeditious process! Until then, I will continue to see clients downtown at Embellish Salon.

Road Closures on Commerce

They are doing construction on Commerce off and on as they work on connecting the Link to the Stadium District. I would definitely leave some room for the inconvenience.

I want to thank each of you for joining me on this adventure and I am fully aware that this is a rather uncomfortable phase for us all, but I can assure you that what is coming is something very special for our community. To my new clients, welcome to the dream. To my old, you make this possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you have any questions, notice any things I might have missed, or have any feedback please do share!

Until we see each other next!

Socially distanced XOXO’s,


Also, here's a sweet Baby Calvin from Halloween, lol. We are very much enjoying all of our time together!

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All good! Congrats on the new place.

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