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New year, New Everything.

Check the details below to stay up to date with all things LCATS!


The Left Coast Advanced Training Salon Team
Cheers to a new year's worth of possibilities in 2023!

The Top 10


Here's the rundown...

  1. 1 new Salon Leader in training

  2. 2 new Level 1 Salon Residents

  3. 2 Freshly promoted Level 2 Salon Residents

  4. A newly redesigned website

  5. A new booking system

  6. A new phone number

  7. A new service menu

  8. New retail products

  9. New Series and Membership offerings

  10. And finally… a better sense of clarity about where we are at and a set of guideposts that should direct our steps through the next 6 months or so...phew!

Here's a bit more on each of those highlights. If you're also a glutton for long reads, I 've included some of my own "bloggy thoughts" at the end of the updates. Thank you all to the moon and back (even if the moon is in scorpio right now🦂🤣) for all the continued love and support!❤️

New Series + Membership Offerings-Navigate to the Memberships tab on the home page of the website to discover how we can help you with weekly wash and styling services for all textures. The memberships are the best deal, but if subscriptions aren't your thing, we also have New Wash + Style Series ($99 for 3) and also Color Series ($240 for a 3 pack) that can be purchased in house and used at your leisure, still earning you a lovely discount!

Service Menu Changes-We now have a simplified menu with tiered pricing based on experience and timing. You can see it on the home page of the website and also through the "book now" link at the top of every page. Right Now we have 4 different skill Levels to choose from.

Level 1- Virginia and Denise

Level 2- G and Navy

Leader in Training (LIT)+ Master Stylist- Chelsea{Sees clients Tuesday}

Learning Leader (LL) + Master Stylist- Kristina {Sees clients Th/F/Sat} Accepting New Clients.

Questions? Send a text or email to including your hair now and some inspiration photos and we can help you book your appt!

Gift cards are also still on sale for 20% off through the month of January! Purchase online here!

Hello, Phorest Booking System- Please pardon us as we are learning to implement a new website, client communications, booking and payment softwares. We are actively seeking feedback about your experience, so please let us know if something needs our attention and thank you in advance:)

All booking can be done through the website by clicking the 'book now' button located at the top of any page. A credit card on file is needed to book an appointment. You will receive a confirmation either via text or email. If you didn't, then you don't have an appointment. Feel free to contact us by texting or calling 253-878-2909 for more support.

Please be sure to also sign the "Client Agreement" sent to you and also the Photo waiver, if desired.

The Salon Residency Is Growing!!- As it turns out if you offer people a safe space to develop and grow, that also seeks to add value to their lives in a meaningful way, that pays a livable wage and truly advocates for the best interests of all involved, you get a bit of a waitlist for spots in the program! Wow.

G and Navy have been promoted to Level 2 and last November we started Virginia and Denise, who are now are Level 1's. They are doing so well!! If you haven't checked out their reviews on google, you certainly should!

For future applicants: The Application Process for the next start date opens 2/2/23 and closes 2/15/23. The tentative start date for that class will be 4/12/23. Click here for more details on applying.

New Wholehearted Salon Leadership Program-

"If you want to build it fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others."

I have gone as far as I can on my own and now it is time for me to solicit the help and wisdom of Local Master Stylists willing to humble themselves and develop the servant leadership skills necessary to build up a new generation of stylists! The LCATS Empire elects Chelsea of @lincolnhaircollective to be the first to move through the WSLT program.

I have promised her a safe space to bring her whole beautiful self, Persona/Professional/Technical Training, friendship, community, and the option to take advantage of a career advancement path that leads to becoming a shareholder/salon shop owner with or without her hands in hair as much or as little as she likes. She will be able to scale her career like never before. She will have to challenge all of her old beliefs about hair, the beauty industry and herself. She will be responsible for other people’s careers and therefore the future. With her success, she will not only see the blossoming of satisfying careers and client outcomes for others, she will also see her investment grow as she pours her heart + soul into the mission at hand. Good for you, Chelsea!

She’s already a hit with all of The Salon Residents! Chelsea has a passion for creating “lived in vivid” color looks and is accepting new clients on Tuesdays.

Kristina's Bloggy thoughts:

I am blown away everyday I work with them and I sometimes wish I was exaggerating. I am so impressed with the talent coming out of some of the local beauty schools. Even for all of their faults, these schools continue to draw in some great talent and get them right on through the licensure process. Taking them from good to great is an enjoyable act of love and service.

I wanted to build a community, one that is worth being apart of; a community that centers itself around self respect and kindness towards others. I am pouring my heart into this and it is showing. My Salon Residents are! That's right, I said it. Have you met them? They love to serve and they are the embodiment of teamwork and love in the workplace. We are not perfect, nor do we try to be. We work to show up for ourselves everyday and therefore bring you the most authentic and valuable hair experience within our power.

Technical skills? Natch. I have been cutting edgy, geometrical, textured, natural hairs for years and Chelsea, my newest coach in the Salon Leadership Program is a master colorist and the two of us are crafting a curriculum that delivers the very best of filtered down, crystal clear, science, math and reality based, generic hair education that gets them up to speed quick!

We get that it's different and it's hard to know what to expect, but if we're all being honest with ourselves, how often were most people getting what they expected from their average salon experience? Not nearly enough and here at LCATS we are at least willing to be honest about that and try our best to exercise clear communication and active listening skills to ensure as much as we can that you have been seen and heard every time you are here. You deserve that.

The project is taking a new form as I move into recruiting master stylists willing to give of themselves and become mentors to The Salon Residents because I can only grow this program with the assistance of the solopreneur community. In order to keep the ratio no higher than 4 residents:1 educator, I will soon need another stylist to step up to the plate and take a chance on themselves adding more value and purpose to their careers in the beauty industry.

As of today, we have 4 Salon Residents and 2 Salon Leaders, myself included and it feels nice and cozy. I know these sweet and simple days will not last forever and I try my best to enjoy every moment since it isn't every day you try to scale an empire and impact an entire industry. I try to keep focused on my next steps and not get too far ahead, although I know where I am going is a long way from here and I try not to let that become overwhelming.

What I don't know is regularly pointed out to me, so that keeps my R+D checklist pretty busy, and I suppose one day I'll filter all of this info as well into smaller digestible nuggets for others. But for now we are digging through the muck and paving new pathways that actually lead somewhere worth going. How do I know? You'll just have to trust me. Watch and see:)

Thank you again for caring about something outside of yourself, even though I know many people who do, it's refreshing to hear about it every single time.



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