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Cocktails and Memberships

It’s almost the HOLIDAYS!!!! Yay for sparkly lights, warm and cozy nights and an outlook so cheery and bright! Cheesy? Maybe, but what do you expect from someone who openly admits to binging Hallmark Christmas specials with all their predictable ridiculousness?

I hope you are all well and I look forward to seeing you in my new space on 6th if you haven’t yet been. I suppose even if you have already been I change it up so much it will look totally different the next time you're in since we are deep in the process of EMPIRE CREATION. That’s right, total domination of the education sector in the beauty industry is the goal so that EVERYONE can have access to smart, engaging and technically excellent wholehearted hairdressers who are familiar and comfortable with ALL hair types, because that’s the goal. We’re on our way and you are a part of it, Woohoo and Thank you!

The space is almost complete and I will be ready to start bringing in students soon. I have been asked to clarify how that will affect you, my very loyal and amazing clientele. I want to assure you that you are not being offloaded! No way! I spent so much time/money/effort earning your business and your trust, I am assuredly not just going to throw you to inexperienced stylists, walk away and charge the same. Au contraire, mes amis! You can expect the same better than full service experience with me. I will not use you/your appt time as a training experience unless I specifically ask your permission and the terms and conditions would be clarified beforehand. The clients who book with the students will be educational services much like if any of you have ever gone to the beauty schools to receive services, except better because they are more experienced. They will be monitored and coached if necessary through the process and the appt will conclude with a feedback session to encourage open communication, humility and a vulnerable and safe space for growth.

I will inevitably need to scale back my client days to three days from my current four so that I may be able to focus on the business side and I imagine that being the case after the New Year, but all things in their own time. The business has to be financially stable before I can remove my magical money making hands from the equation, ha! Anyway…

My new reclining stylist chairs are being custom made and will be delivered by mid December and that should be the cherry on the top of the project and it has given me a good timeline to complete the business infrastructure and training syllabi. Hence, the Grand Opening Christmas Cocktail Party will be Saturday December 11. Details to follow and you can bet it’ll involve so many sparkly things and membership specials!

Membership specials?? What is that about!?

I thought you’d never ask! The quick and dirty. In order for the resident hairdressers to become proficient ASAP they require tons of feedback, so we need to bring back the Beauty Lifestyle to the community where it makes sense to have a hairdresser more regularly do your hair for you so that you look more polished more frequently and your hair is in better health because of it and that is your preference rather than either 1. Doing it yourself or 2. Not doing it at all, lol. The Beauty Lifestyle Membership details are still being worked out, but here’s a sneak peak at what is coming. I repeat this is for services with students only, not your special sessions avec moi . ;)

The Effortless Membership

Unlimited washdays. Blowouts with finish, Wash and curly sets. Never wash your hair again and always look amazing!

The Flawless Membership

Unlimited washdays, haircuts, single process colors/toners, hair and scalp treatments like Olaplex and Scalp detox, and keratin express blowouts.

*This level also has VIP access to Jammie Session. 2x a week from 6am-8am(tentatively) We will host early risers in any clothed version of “I just rolled out of bed” to “on my way to work” with light morning refreshments and shampoo styles or style resets. I am also hoping to add makeup to this event, I just need to touch base with my fave make-up know who you are!

The Woke Up Like This

Unlimited Everything and of course, VIP membership exclusive access to events and specials.

All memberships receive product discounts.

Exciting, right??!! I think so too.

There you have it and I think that covers it for now. As always please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, concerns or feedback! I love to hear from you. Be on the lookout for your special invite (dare I say, another Golden Ticket, haha!) to the Christmas Party where you can bet there will be product and membership giveaways! There are space limitations and vaccination cards will be mandatory to show before the event since it is in doors with food and beverages.

Stay warm and safe my friends and don’t forget to VOTE!

Much Love,


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