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From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur

Today is my 10 year entrepreneurial anniversary. What a ride! Azarra, the Broadway photography studio, Sola Studios and now Embellish...I swear we are almost home, people. And I know that we are almost home because I am almost completely sure of myself as a human, hairdresser and now a business owner and brand.

Many of you have watched and been with me since the beginning and you know I continue to work hard to elevate your service experience constantly. Not perfectly, but consistently. We have shared amazing moments in our lives and in history and I am a better person for each person who sits in my chair and I am a better hairdresser for each head of hair I work with. I want very much to continue to provide an excellent level of service to you and for that reason I am closing my books to new clients until further notice and I will be scaling back to 3 days a week come July. There is also one more price increase to get me where my business needs to be so I can curate the resources to morph Left Coast Salon into her next best version. I am Left Coast Salon, but Left Coast Salon was meant to be a community and you are all part of that community. But this community could really use some other leaders and it is one of my skills to help develop leaders. I am a motivational speaker behind the chair and I draw to me those who are brave enough to go out and try new things and then vulnerable enough to report back to me completely of their own volition. It’s absolutely impressive. You blow my mind! But I am only one person and the community needs more and that means it is my duty to provide lest I become narrow-minded and self-focused because of my own popularity and then eventually disappear into obscurity...think Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

And now it’s time to grow. I have said it before, ‘they call them growing pains for a reason’ and it is gonna get very uncomfortable for me as I do something for the first time and I am gonna need some grace from my community and from myself. I am committed to doing a thorough job creating a fun and exciting training bootcamp (no burpees necessary) to assess and elevate stylists who are excellent at receiving and providing relevant feedback. Without communication the spirit of Left Coast Salon cannot be relayed and this is critical to every service and every interaction with every client, no cap. It’s not even exhausting, it is my privilege and my teammates must agree 2000% or we are not doing this because our community really needs these intentional spaces of shared learning and vulnerable growth. So as you can imagine the hiring process is a bit expanded to ensure I do my best to really get to know and care for the stylists who must understand my intentions if they are ever to execute my techniques.

What about the building in Ruston?

Oh, just forget about it for now, lol. We will find a home eventually. I do believe the Universe will provide exactly what is needed in order to expand the culture into an environment rich with yummy feelings and wonderful ambience.

So until further notice, please refrain from sending me your lovely referrals. You can tell them that they should check back around September. I should have a full time hairdresser by then.

Until then I am going to spend time building the business and really focus on my already established clients and seeking new and improved ways to serve you better. Oh and also spend the Summer relaxing a little and enjoying my family! Thank you again for the love and support and I truly hope you understand that I do all of this with you in my heart.



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