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LCATS Fall Updates

  • Salon Residents Update.

  • New Booking System

  • Kristina's Thoughts

Local Events

Saturday 10/29-6th Ave presents Dia De los Muertos Street Fair. We will be dressed up for halloween and have candy for some trick-or-treaters who might decide to stop in:)

Have You Tried The Salon Residents?

salon residency
learning cuts

The Salon Residency Program is off the ground and running! It's been a great start and I cannot thank my community of amazing clients who have supported this HUGE business transition!

If booking with them, you choose. Remember...Learning, they are. Patience, you’ll need.

The reviews are pretty good for an ATS, if I do say so myself...and I do.

We have discovered lots of learning opportunities and spaces for growth. They are becoming aware of their whole service experience as some of the technical work becomes a little easier. Everyday at the salon runs smoother then the previous and I am so delighted with their advancement. Soon it will be time to bring in a new set of Residents as the current cohort levels up. It is a thing of beauty and a privilege to watch them learn and grow and I am so hopeful for the future!

They are still booking in at around $50/hour for services and that's a steal for what we deliver, I can assure you!

Still want a Master Stylist's touch? No worries, you can book cuts and colors or texture treatments with different people. We are a team and function as a unit, there is no room for ego or possessiveness in our safe space salon.


Phorest: Our New Booking System

The time has come to move on from Vagaro to a more comprehensive platform that is better suited for the growth of the company

and our guests. The name of the platform is called Phorest and booking will be done directly from the Left Coast Salon website. The links for the new booking system will be live Wednesday 9/28/22.

We will be importing most of your client

data, appt bookings into the new system that day. Keep an eye on emails and appt confirmations to make sure we have everything correct.

We do not have access to your full card on file info in Vagaro, so that will need to be reentered into the new system for reserving bookings. Memberships will also have to be reset through the new system and we will reach out if we need help reestablishing your information.

I am sure it wont be without some bumps in the road and we are here if you need any assistance. Text @ 253-878-2909 or email for any questions, concerns or feedback.


A Business Update + Thoughts From Kristina

Dear friends and followers of this amazing journey,

It seems not so long ago I was a lonely solopreneur flitting about town, renting different spaces in search of a salon home to call my own. A place where the values I cherish in regards to client care are upheld with passion, professional strategy and a willingness to listen to clients feedback with an open heart and mind. A place that supports the best possible learning environment to mentor and guide the next generation of hair professionals in such a way that they may surpass our greatest efforts to be fully committed to selflessly serving in our communities.

It was only last September I opened the doors to the 6th Ave location and after 2 months of grinding-it-out, DIY mania I had produced a beautiful and welcoming safe salon space where I launched the first ever Salon Residency Program this past April. It is a new kind of advanced training program where newly licensed stylists go to learn the art of becoming a Wholehearted Hairdressers. Don’t know what that means? Ask me sometime;)

I currently have 4 Salon Residents in the program at the moment and they have all made it through the preliminary training and are producing rather exceptional looks and mostly enjoyable client experiences (it’s not easy work). We are now to the part where it’s all about repetition and building their confidence as they start to develop and fortify their relationships with the community they serve.

As the Salon Residency Program starts to take on a life of its own, I find myself needing to dedicate more and more time to the “C-Suite” responsibilities of the business and as such it is time for me to create a new job position in my business. I need someone to replace me. (well one of the hats I wear) I will now be looking for stylists with 7+ years of experience who are committed to mentoring the next gen and are looking for an “everyday activism” workday experience. It is the Lead Stylist + Educator position.

This is the job that will effectively make it possible for me to begin the work of building the non-profit and growing the Hair Professional Society into a force that will fight for all kinds of education reform at multiple levels and work to create improved, safe, ethical and profitable business structures so that we may increase career satisfaction for those who would choose to dedicate their lives to helping their communities look and feel better--that's a tall order.

I can’t believe it is almost time for me to do the work I am most passionate about and I am so grateful for the opportunity and the support I have received.

I know for some it will be hard to see me less behind the chair and I want to do my best to get you situated with a new hair person so feedback and communication are crucial.

I do still love a full day of hanging out with you, sharing stories, advice and our lives together while I work the magic with the shears. That is a wonderful job that I have truly enjoyed these many years and it will be hard for me as well to not want to abandon the urge amount of responsibility I am taking on and retreat back to the comfort of your loving support and comfortably predictable service outcomes, and yet I must do this thing.

I must do my part to make a difference.

Here's to moving forward! Off we go!!


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