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New Client Agreement

Here is a copy of the new Left Coast Salon client agreement. This is sent out when you guys book your appts, but just in case I wanted to plop it here for your eyes as well!

Welcome to Left Coast Salon!

We truly appreciate you choosing us. Let's outline the terms of our engagement to ensure smooth interactions and delightful experiences.

Booking Appointments:  

- For online bookings, utilize the booking link on our website. You can secure dates up to 90 days in advance.

- If there's no availability, request a slot by emailing

- A valid credit card is essential to hold your appointment. Should there be a no-call, no-show, we'll need to charge a cancellation fee. Thank you for understanding and valuing our dedicated time.

Contacting Us:  

For queries or assistance in booking, connect with our Salon Coordinator. They're available:

- Via phone, email, and text:  

  - Monday to Saturday: 8am-8pm


Note: Our contact, a Google Voice number, reaches both the Salon Manager, Navy and also, Kristina.


Life happens! If canceling is necessary, kindly give us 48 hours' notice. Canceling or rescheduling within 24 hours incurs a $25 fee.

Hair Prep Tips:  

Come with your hair down, dry, and styled as usual. Clean and detangle a week prior. Hair 1-2 days old is okay, but avoid 3-7 day old hair. For coloring, freshly washed hair is best.

Salon Residents and Advanced Training:  

At Left Coast Salon, we pride ourselves on our Advanced Training approach. Our Salon Residents are diligently learning sophisticated cutting and coloring techniques. This intricate education ensures top-tier results but extends the service times. Haircuts with Stylist Levels 1-3 can be up to 3 hours for full service haircutsYour understanding and patience during these sessions are invaluable, not only supporting their learning trajectory but also bolstering our robust mentorship process.

Coaches are available when we believe the support is needed and autonomy is methodically granted in order for them to gain confidence. Coaches are present in the salon for most services and they may step in to ensure our standard of excellence is consistently met. 

That being said, coaches are human too and also have things come up and cannot always be there to check or monitor.  Depending on the service's requirements, coaches may assess that a stylist is proficient enough to perform the service unsupervised.  In this case they are usually supported virtually or by phone, if needed.  This system is our commitment to cultivating talent while ensuring you have the best possible experience.


Services are priced a la carte and are based on skill, time, technique and experience level of the stylist.  The updated price list is found on the website and through the online booking portal.  

Consultations or texting the salon manager with questions can help you make sure you get the correct booking time and can help confirm and pricing questions.

Kristina's Services:  

As the owner, master stylist, and principal educator, Kristina brings a wealth of experience to every client interaction.  Unlike the a la carte model followed by our residents, Kristina is priced at an hourly rate of $150/hour.


Tipping is not mandatory or expected here.  Feel free to give gifts of all kinds (i.e. coffee cards, event tickets, crafts, homegrown/baked goods, an amazing google or yelp review) and “tip” any way that makes your heart happy.  We make a ‘livable wage’ and do not want you to feel obligated in any way. We will not judge you in the least for leaving nothing.  We appreciate your time and patronage, that is more than enough for us, but the cash is nice too, lol.


We work together on almost everything.  Sometimes you’ll work fully with one provider and sometimes someone will be helping out keeping in mind that our goal is always your trust and overall satisfaction.

We’re Running late:

We aim to maintain a 15-minute buffer around the estimated time. We will try and contact you if we are going over this time.  Let us know immediately if you have a time constraint around your appt times and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Children’s Services:

We are happy to serve your young humans!  For the service and tutorial please plan on being a present caregiver and plan on taking videos, notes or whatever you need to help you learn the best practices for your child’s at home routine. Once we are established and the child comfortable, we are happy to take good care of them while you go do anything else. We’ll let you know when they're about 20 out from being done and you can collect your freshly coiffed kid.


Unhappy with a product? Return lightly used items within 90 days

Unhappy with your service outcome?  If your hair service isn't up to the mark, notify us within two weeks at

These are handled on a case by case basis and with the common good of all parties concerned in mind.

If it is our fault, corrections are free. If you’ve had a change of heart post-service, new services will be chargeable. For full refunds, the client/salon relationship ends.

Extra Guests:  

Please try and keep it to one accompanying guest or chaperone(save some room for others). However, please refrain from bringing pets.

Health Protocols:  

While masks aren't mandatory, wear them if needed. Inform us if you prefer our staff to wear one. Feeling unwell? Kindly reschedule. Please maintain hand hygiene.

Review the details and let’s embark on this beauty journey together. Thank you for choosing Left Coast Salon!

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