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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

What is up my Friends?!

It's been a minute since I updated because it has just been so busy. It is a good problem to have.

I'm so booked I don't even know what to do! Wait, I do know what to do. I am going to hire someone to teach all of the ways and to steep firmly in my Left Coast hair culture. How exciting! I have been a hairdresser for 20 years and this May will mark my 10 year anniversary as a solopreneur and Left Coast Salon is now 4 years old, it's time to grow again.

"Well, Kristina I already thought you were growing….didn't you just get a building?" You might be saying, but that is a different beast alto

gether. The Ruston Building will be the home of…. well, it's still in development, but for sure it isn't the right place for a Left Coast Salon with building a team of associates. That project is a partnership with a wonderful friend and fellow business owner which has different interests in mind. Not to mention the progress of the building is on hold waiting for we wait.

At Embellish on Commerce Street I await my next move, which is totally under construction to expand Tacoma’s public transport system, btw. But all is not so bleak. I have met some really amazing people with beautiful hearts and I'm so grateful they have been willing to let me and my very-large-might-consume-you-business-dreams live there and see where all of this takes us. I have never been so comfortable in a multi-chair salon environment and I think I really needed this to remind me of how much I love mentorship and comradery. I have been alone for so long because the environments were always so toxic and here I find that it’s actually quite nice. I dig the culture.

In fact, Eleanor and I are off to Pittsburgh for an advanced cutting course at the end of April. I have been loosely using this Head Shape Mat

ters dry cutting method for the last 3 years and hands down it has impacted my ability to really create shapes in the hair and get there in less time and with more consistency. I took the course online and petered off at the end of it because online education is hard, so now we will go in person to a 4 day education extravaganza and by the time I am done I will be a certified Head Shape Matters graduate! I am so excited!

*If your appt is at the end of April please be expecting communications regarding rescheduling your appts. TYIA for your understanding and support!

Also of note, I have hired a schedule manager since my books clearly look like someone with boundary issues and since I love you all so very much and want to help everyone because the struggle is real, I need someone to help organize your appts and help implement and teach me better systems toward an improved experience for you because you deserve that.

Meet Alisha!

Alisha is a long time client of mine and PNW schedule expert for one of Olympia’s best naturopaths and she is willing to lend her hand to help a sister out. I am so blessed to call her a friend and I know she will be a warm and trusted voice from me to you to help you get the best booking and scheduling service possible when reserving your time at Left Coast Salon.

Well there you have it, Left Coast Salon, Commerce Street and The Ruston Building are all Under Construction,lol. Please pardon my dust while I scale the empire. I have come so far and it’s just getting to the good part.

Again and again, thank you to everyone for your continued patience and support. Thank you for sharing a pathway with me and my world, without y’all NONE of this would be possible. I promise you I will always strive to earn and maintain your trust and respect.

Much Love,


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